Cryptocurrency Technology by Blockchain Services

The token is to make cryptocurrency known worldwide and become community power, make it easier to adopt cryptocurrency. Together we discover the full potential of the blockchain era. (Cross Border Money Transfer).

Mining new coins is a dificult and expensive for society. Proof of Work is the leader among the algorithms for network consensus and mining new coins. Technologies do not stand still, and now there are various alternatives, for example, Proof of Stake and other modifications of the consensus, which are more energy efficient. this is society dreams to get crypto coin, which would be mined as a result of some useful action, and not a waste of electricity. this alternatives will be solution!

Road Map

  • Address Issuer
  • Total Supply 10B
  • Pre-sale 500.000.000 MIOS
  • Pre-CROWDSALE 500.000.000 MOIS
  • Earn Bonus Proof of Stake begins
    • Every week we will distribute token to registered accounts, and tokens holders with a minimum balance of 10.000 MOIS. Follow the news for the distribution date.
  • Program will be contiue